TravelHack Logo

This is a repo for the two websites that were made for TravelHack, a hackathon run by Expedia Group.

What is TravelHack?

TravelHack is a hackathon, organised and run by interns, for undergraduate students. The idea of the hackathon was to give people the opportunity to become more familiar with Expedia Group and their offices in London.

TravelHack was organised, with the help of others, by;

What is this repo?

As part of TravelHack, we created two websites. One was for promotional purposes, designed to give applicants more information about who Expedia Group are and what TravelHack is. The other was designed to be a one-stop-shop for all information during the event. It had a list of expample problems to solve, a list of the volunteers helping out and more features. This repo is a home for both of these sites.