Hello World

I’m Will, a full-stack developer from the UK 🇬🇧. I create things for the web and Apple's platforms, and have a passion for clean, well-tested code. On this site you can find out more about me, the things I've made or get in touch.

Right now,I'm open to offers but not actively looking for a new role.

Here's what I enjoy using

JavaScript JavaScript
Java Java
Kotlin Kotlin
React.js React.js
Swift Swift
GraphQL GraphQL
Amazon Web Services AWS

And here's some of my work

  • The icon of the Stetch iOS app developed alongside my dissertation

    Stretch iOS App

    A native iOS app designed to prevent discomfort caused by poor posture when sitting for long periods. The app provides users with a daily routine of stretches, and uses various persuasive techniques to motivate them to stretch. Developed as part of my dissertation, it incorporates feedback from several rounds of design reviews and an end-user evaluation.

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  • This portfolio website

    This portfolio

    The website you're viewing now. A multi-page site initially designed in Figma, and then built using plain HTML, with Tailwind.css and a little JavaScript.

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  • TravelHack logo


    TravelHack was a hackathon for students, run by students. While at Expedia Group, and working closely with recruitment, a small group of interns planned and ran this hackathon with the aim of hiring the next group of EG interns. Aside from organising, I created two websites. One was a promotional site, and the other was a infosite to be used throughout the event.

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My Experience

Me, in Budapest

Who am I?

As it says at the top of the page, I’m Will. I've recently graduated from the University of Bath, where I studied computer science. Alongside coding, I enjoy weightlifting, and have ambitions to compete in 2021. You can read more about this here. I've spent the past year learning Swift for my dissertation project, so, right now, I'm diving back into React.js and Kotlin ready to return to Expedia Group.

How to get in touch

Getting in touch is easy - just use the links below. Now I've finished my studies, I'm living back home near Cardiff, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿. If you’re in the area let’s grab a coffee - it’s on me.